Push changes to Heroku Git repository without Heroku CLI

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I don’t like to keep passwords around me. So, I use SSH keys every day. When Heroku dropped support for Git over SSH, I know this thing going to hit me hard–which it did.

After months later, I realized that I can’t push changes to Heroku. Guess why…

So, I had to find a way to simplify the process without using Heroku CLI. Yes, I don’t want a password to remember or type every single time, but I also don’t want a Node.js software in my machine. So, what should I do?

Creating an Authorization is just enough to fill this gap which is found in “Account settings”. Give a meaningful description and copy the generated authorization token as Git password. Asked Git Username is the Heroku e-mail.

GitHub took a different approach which Git password authentication disabled. Can anybody explain why Heroku took this path?