Downgrade PostgreSQL 12 to 11

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I have been using Heroku for about 2 years for Miniflux RSS reader. It has been working with no issue, and I was a happy Heroku user. Recently we were shocked by the moves of Salesforce for it’s product, Heroku about series of problems about it’s security and how they manage the situation outside of their playground. It was almost similar problem that Atlassian had a few months ago: no or little communication to end-user.

Well, I moved services off of Heroku, and on of them was Miniflux. It uses only Heroku PostgreSQL add-on. I clear the history when I reach the row limit of 10.000. If you exceed the limit, INSERT rights removed, so that you no longer read new posts on Miniflux. I don’t want to lose my history of what I read, but I also want a simple setup like Heroku. How could I do that? Well, I will be writing that in another post, and I will only be focusing PostgreSQL part of migration.