Samsung Wearables on Huawei

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New Samsung branded wearable devices, such as Samsung Watch4 are running Google’s own operating system WearOS. The fight between Huawei and Google is still impacting the both users. These two big brothers are not willing to share anything to each other and therefore companies like Samsung had to stop Huawei users for using their devices.

I see this as a very offensive approach to a market where you can easily buy or use other branded tools. Of course this is an action from Google and Samsung has to follow that guideline in order, for example, to maintain its Galaxy Store that is downloaded from Play Store.

Huawei users have a chance to hack the APK and remove a dedicated string that ignores Huawei devides, but they cannot have wearable system updates since the Galaxy Wear software does not open after the first sync.

This has to be raised in legal places, but current political and technological releationship with countries would not change anything in the shortterm. Moreover, recently happened a small talk between Apple and Epic1 showed us that big players also don’t want individual stores inside their stores.

I am not saying that what Huawei is doing is right and they also have to change, but who cares, right?

Asking for free (as in speech) stores will not be available if these big players still want the money from any possible sources.

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