I’m writing this late newsletter in Tuesday but planned to publish in the last Sunday of the crazy year 2020. I hope and wish to have a happy new year for everybody, especially who worked hard in the frontline of this crazy ghost war.

Ruby 3 is promissing–with great speed

Ruby 3 (w/ JIT) is 3 times faster than pervious Ruby 2. This is great because many people were just looking the benchmarks.

This major release is not only improved speed but also development. With this version of Ruby, we can have type checked and improved concurency in projects.

I higly recommend every Ruby developer to add CI systems to check Ruby 3 even if you just don’t think this is the time run in production.

Take a look at the full news.

Don’t buy new notebooks for environment

Are you the one who buys second hand or refurbished items from eBay? Yes, I am also one of them: ThinkStation S30, ProLiant DL380 G5, ThinkPad T460, ThinkPad T430.

I guess I do this for economical reasons. I don’t want to spend $1000 just for a brand new machine since I use Debian stable, I’d not get the latest crazy features the machine offers. You might ask what about the server you listed. Well… The same mentality also applies. Having a refurbished LGA 771 socket server is good enough for small businesses who run hypervisor. For example, I have ThinkStation S30 which has LGA 2011 at home. It’s a pretty decent workstation which I only replace the Quadro GPU with AMD Radeon and I was able to run anything I want.

Anyhow, I support the author in this case but I usually do this first economically and I found reasonble to run early versions of LGA 2011 or LGA 771. I had to moved to 6th generation Intel because of work and portability issues with 3rd generation Intel notebook.

Here is actual article that uses a solar powered server– which I liked it!

Upload pirate movie and DMCA it in the same IP

I wouldn’t think that an artist DMCA itself. Yes, that happened and YouTube realized that something is off. Here is the full story behind this. Worth to read that how YouTube find the article.

As a side note, DMCA was always broken: YouTube-DL takedown.

100 tips for a better life

Well, here is yet-another-tip-list. In the end, I found more readble with the typeface the site using and more navigatable. This isn’t only reason I wanted to add in here but I also found worth to skim thourgh.

DHH’s Magic: HTML Over The Wire

Previously DHH mentioned something Magic. Here is the Magic: no JSON but only HTML to send the client. I see many JavaScript developers sad since DHH and his company always find SPA (Single Page Applications) not usuable but basic JavaScript is always to go.

I also think that way and I had some time to play with. Think of Rails-managed-AJAX requests. You don’t need to write another JSON API to CRUD. The Magic does it for you.

Take a look at the landing page. The video has a real usage with in their software: Hey.