Rocky Linux–100% bug-for-bug compatiable with CentOS

After the IBM’s call to shutdown CentOS project, the founder of CentOS started to prep a new distro called Rocky Linux. There is no code involved but they are collecting ideas and equipments (servers, networks and developers) to write very first codes.

I’m following them very closely. In the mean time, my company started to move things from CentOS 7 to Debian 10 and I’m coordinating the migration.

Check out the GitHub organization and the website.

GTK 4.0 is here

I might be the one of the GNOME fun in here. I use it almost everywhere–even i my servers. I can see the feature of this release in my Debian workstation.

Check out the weblog for the showcases.

Beginner friendly chess openings

I came a cross with this weblog about chess openings. I found it’s simple and easy to follow. The post also covers then-what cases.

14 RPis in 2U form

Raspberries are wonderful small computers. The latest version, Model 4, has decent CPU and larger RAM options. Why don’t you make a Kubernetes cluster with 14 of them?

Here is a great printable-2U solution. Each vertical rack has an SSD backend. Checkout the for more.