Linked list good taste

Most of us already watch Linus Torvalds’ TED talk about good taste. I’d say his opinion is really important for most of the software developers. However, I still don’t know how looks good taste in real case. There is a repository where talks basic computer science element: linked list. I loved the explanation of thinking from a different perspective to not write ifs all arround the code.

Microsoft jokes security researcher for finding

Reading of this newsletter might ask “wow the first clickbait title.” Yes, kind of but when I jump into the repository, almost the same title made me click.

Microsoft Teams software had a really simple Remote Code Execution (RCE) security issue. This was already solved in October 2020. The thing is that seacurity researcher was sad because of the report was rated “Important, Spoofing”–lowest in-scope ratings possible. I also learned that Microsoft doesn’t publish CVE for automatically updated softwares. That’s insane!

You can see more on the GitHub repository

Scale 0 to €5 million in 2 hours–with serverless

This is a story of a donation platform for Irland’s TV program: RTÉ’s Late Late Toy Show. The main idea is in here they collected €5 million in 2 hours just using Cloudflare Workers and Stripe.

You might be ask yourself “I can do better with Auto Scaling group and EC2.” I want to highlight that Cloudflare Workers (or AWS Lambda@Edge) runs on closest location where user requests. This gives users to get responses as fast as possible.

Check out the article for how they monitored and handle errors during the donation hour.

Recovering strings from images

I bet you have a few dozen screenshots of passwords. Would you want to re-text them? There is a way to recover (actually re-text) password from screenshot with Deepix.

Deepix is a Python library which helps you to get closes match of pixeled image. It’s a real interesting project and you might be interested to look more into.

IBM kills CentOS in favor of CentOS Stream

This is a kind of heartbroken news from CentOS project. IBM/Red Hat suddenly decides to kill CentOS this week. There is a huge debate/discssuion between users of CentOS and other Linux distributions like Debian. I didn’t plan to link any of them in here but maybe in a seperate article.

Check out the e-mail from Rich Bowen (Red Hat).