Hello there,

This week was a rally. I think this is because of midterms+quizes+deadlines. I will keep this newsletter short but promiss to write a dedicated post for the next week’s newsletter.

OpenZFS 2.0

I haven’t used OpenZFS in scale but I see many people crazy about it. Love the idea of pools, mini-pools, smaller-pools (this goes on). I also see many great naming for pools like (fishing) tank, dozer, etc..

With this release of ZFS, ZFS on Linux project name is changed (but not the license). The repository supports both Linux and FreeBSD. I found interesting to highlight two new features: sequential resilver and ZStandard compression. There are a few CLI changes on the zpool and zfs utilities.

Smartwatch for $20

Looks like having a smartwatch under $100 is possible. I really didn’t test the device itself but looking around the web with positive feedbacks made a reason to try. Wyze

Malwares in college students notebook for their good

Colleges don’t care what you install if they do their part. This is one of the post highlights that.

macOS to FreeBSD

macOS is known for being FreeBSD but I didn’t see that many users running FreeBSD on their daily machine. This weblog explains how the migration went.

First flights of 737 MAX with media onboard

I’ll just leave the link in here with no comment at all.

JavaScript born that day

Happy birthday :mad:, I guess? Announcment

Privacy friendly Reddit frontend

Most of us used the old.reddit.com for a long time but this is one of the great example of simple web. Teddit.net provides user friendliness of Reddit with privacy in mind.

Mannequin API

I wanted to bookmark this JavaScript library. This is one of the creative usage of JavaScript: creating scene with mannequins. I also know a few game engines where it works with JavaScript.