People who visited in here before might be confused to see this page. Yes, I’m back. I decided to spend more time to write things. Be honest, I love to share I see. In this newsletter you will find the first example of my findings during the week. Yes, this will be weekly newsletter. I mostly arround Lobsters and Hacker News. If I find some equipments to record podcast I have in my mine, that will be awesome!

Free certificats from ZeroSSL via ACME

I already use Let’s Encrypt but you might ask yourself but what happens to Let’s Encrypt. Yeah… That’s the question I also ask. Here is the answer: ZeroSSL issues free certificates via ACME protocol. take a look at the article in here.

Asking the question of “42” to GPT-3

Oh boy. Love to see these. They are human. Like, literally. GPT-3 answers one of the most asked question: what would be the question for answer of 42. No spoilers. Look up the article.

AWS was down but status green

I just stay away from us-war-and-testing-which-randomly-crashes-zone-1 region. The region is having usual holiday eve outage. It was major this time. AWS Cognito was the key player in this acident. I’ll leave the discussion on Hacker News.

Later on, AWS wrote an article about the incident. Not monitoring the right thing is a common problem for all companies1.

Protect domains that don’t send e-mail

UK government is the interesting one in the tech field. They do giveaway things like this guidance and some open-source projects on GitHub. This guide explains how to protect domains from spoofing atacks. It’s a well written document that you will love to read–even if you just don’t manage any e-mail infra.

Ex-Googler’s Guide to Dev Tools

I already know list of tools that Ex-Googler’s are using the wild but I found this article intersting. The tool is too depth to be lost. The guide is helpful to show why they are using those tools and their counterparts.

DwarFS: Fast, high compression, read-only file system

If you are crazy archivest, you would take a look at compressable file systems. This is it. DwarFS is one of the fastest FS with redudancy. This is important because most file systems don’t look at this side. It also provides Lua support (experimental) to write plugins for custom filtering–you might not want to compress ISO files.