You may be asked yourself earlier that you have a handful of bloggers you like, but you don’t how to notify yourself when they have a new post.

This was actually solved with RSS and Atom feeds. In this post, I will not show how to follow one of them but suggest list of software to follow those bloggers.

I don’t like to share freemium or proprietary software, but rather, I’ll try to show both self-hosted servers or client-only software.

Also, you can follow this blog with using any of these software adding RSS which you can find under this post in the footer.


A screenshot of Liferea which shows bloggers I follow

Before everything else, I started with this lovely, simple and GNOME-first RSS application. It just works; however, it doesn’t good at notifying things. I have to go in there and start the application to see what is new.

It is actually a good thing since you don’t get distracted with all the notifications.


This is where I started to use in Android. It is just simple and to point application. No Need PhD™. I downloaded from F-Droid as an APK.


TinyTinyRSS is one of the well known system. It is self-hosted PHP application. I just started to using it on my home server. There is client needed, if you are OK with web interface–which is simple and smooth.

That option is more advance and if you still want to do it, there are plenty of documentation, blog posts available.


I would say this is how I follow people. This can be vary for your bloggers. You can also use freemium software services, but for me, I just don’t like to host things I can.