What a powerful a group of words Don’t Use, and as a developer/sysadmin, I hear/read that a lot in a blog post or a conversation. Today, I heard these words in a Slack channel about MongoDB.

Don’t use MongoDB.


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Of course, I believe sharing is important. That’s why I write Mağara which is licensed with GNU AGPLv3. I love writing blog posts since I love exchanging my experience with other bloggers.

However, I do not understand why people blame a project/service/product that does not suit their project/service/product.

What should we do

Use these group of words instead of Don’t use

  • Don’t use since the application that you develop requires high read & write. You can achieve with optimizing with an X way, but Lorem tool provides that out of the box. I prefer you to use Lorem tool with the Y configuration.
  • Don’t use because it seems easy to manage that X tool, but behind the scene you need to worry about A, B, and C.

Extra: Example, Inc. Company

Big players make developer think about their tool-stacks, and some of them provide these tools under open-source licenses, for example Kubernetes or Liquid template language. These tools are written for their software requirements.

Chris Wanstrath, the founder of GitHub, write about why they are using Unicorn, a Ruby application server. In the conclusion part, he says something important for developers who read the article.

Use what works best for you. Decide what you need and evaluate the available options based on those needs. Don’t pick a tool because GitHub uses it, pick a tool because it solves the problems you have.

— Chris Wanstrath October 9, 2009


Please do not say only don’t use something instead explain why you should not use it in your project. Therefore, we can keep a project/services/product usable and dynamic.