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I’ve been writing posts since November 2015 about Linux, FOSS, bare-metal servers and cloud computing. If you are addicted to FOSS, follow me with the RSS link, and if you know Turkish, follow a blog that is called Linux Kafası.


Started with Python 3 with reading a book about Programming with Python in early 20142. The book was published in Turkish; therefore, I have missing knowledge about terminology of programming especially object oriented programming. I moved on PHP since I didn’t work with Django — I didn’t even set it up on my MS Windows computer. At the same time, I opened a GitHub account because everybody is using it, and I was curious. Failed a few times when I want to contribute some repository like a new kid on the block.

I met with Ruby after PHP and Symfony because of Ruby on Rails, and I fell in love with it due to its Don’t Repeat Yourself principle. After that moment, I started to look Docker and Kubernetes, and I use them in production for my open-source projects.

I’ve taken C++ and Assembly (x86) classes in college and completed them with high grades (> 90%).

Too Long; Didn’t Read

I use Ruby.

Extra: When I say “It s*cks”?

I hate to be unfair since I know that developing something is not easy as piece of cake; therefore, I hate to say “it s*cks”. For example, I hate to write JavaScript because:

  • Official name is EcmaScript. Heck? So, why aren’t we call EcmaScript?
  • Browser version of JavaScript != Server version of JavaScript
  • Everybody runs their own JavaScript implementation and style guide
  • Weird things — JavaScript, The Weird Parts by Minko Gechev
    1 == 1; // true
    'foo' == 'foo'; // true
    [1, 2, 3] == [1, 2, 3]; // false

P.S. I know these questions’ answers; as a result, I hate JavaScript et al.

Amateur photographer

Well, I don’t share photographs that I took on a social media account, but I’ll leave some of them in here

Silhouette of beach

A man skates in Santa Monica Beach

A picture of mutluluk

  1. Misafir on Cambridge Dictionary 

  2. I’ve found many small programs which have written in Python in 2014 June.