Hello guys,

I think, everybody has heard the power of WordPress at one point their life. In the Internet, WordPress powers 25 percent of website because it has very powerful tools. For example image processing, revert an article with old one etc.

However, those tools for somebody not really need. Like, I am. I don’t need image processing or MySQL as store data. Also I know how to use git. That’s why, I don’t need really big tools - WordPress.

I have started using Static Site Generator (SSG) with Hexo. It is based on Node. After that, I changed Hexo with Jekyll because I didn’t really understand templating or add-on developing. I wanted to contribute. That’s it.

I have used Jekyll since 25th March. People are able to use Jekyll because of their very powerful community

Jekyll supported with Github. That’s why, really important part of developers know what is Jekyll. Also, it uses Ruby for language; therefore, the most popular Static Site Generator in the ecosystem (data according from Staticgen.com)

Have you ever thought, Can static website talk or walk? I mean, can they be dynamic?

Yes, they can. For example, you can use JavaScript or jQuery, even Vue.

Just it needs to talk with database (again…).

What if it has special service for this situation. Yes, we will start main topic right now.

Do static websites have form and authentication?

Why not, right? It can, but “how”?

Warning this is not an advertisement just I wanted to share my experience.

I just started to use Netlify a few hours ago. I’m using Gitlab for this blog’s code hosting and they are very successful (also very feature rich) for this service.

I signed up to Netlify. After that, I created an website. They just allow deployment type as git, so you need to have Github, Bitbucket or Gitlab for deployment.

And my website is ready in 1 minute. Just 1 minute. You don’t need CI configuration or anything like that. They will handle it, so you don’t need to think about CDN or set environment variable those are out of the box.

I’ll try their form system and will share my experience rest of you.

Happy coding.