Hello guys,

Today I’ll write about Atom which is text editor for programmer. These topic, I will keep in touch

  • My favorite addons and themes

Let’s get start.

Why Atom?

Well, this answer can change for you. That’s why, this is not a general answer. I can just say, text-editor is more lightweight than complex IDE like Jetbrains or Netbeans. Actually, I use Jetbrains’ product like PHPStorm or RubyMine as an IDE and those IDE awesome. You can change if statement with one click. Also, they provide to you real development environment like debuging, running, terminal or version control windows. All these windows just in one program. That’s why, you maybe don’t want to use IDE because it is heavy. Other hand, we have text-editor.

When do you need to use a text-editor. Well, it depends on you. For example, most front-end developer prefer to use text-editor because they don’t have very very big chunk of code (Could be).

Anyway, I have preferred text-editor since I started to write blog with markdown. It is simple, all I need just (lightweight) markdown previewer. JetBrains’ IDE has default markdown previewer but this thing is very heavy than Atom’s one.

My favorite atom addons.

I don’t like too much addons that’s this list not too long. You can edit your text-editor as what you like. For example, you can add (new feature) IDE feature to your text-editor. I didn’t try that, but they are using with different language (Go, PHP, Python etc.).

Also, you can change theme or you can add new features. For example, you find at Atom addons marketplace at Packages or if you already download it you just need press CTRL + , and click to Install. After that, you just need to search and download it. That’s it.


You maybe want to change default theme. You can find or create new one. It is kind a create new website, because you will use HTML, CSS and JS. Also, they provide very large documentation and issue database (I’m talking about StackOverflow’s Q&A and Github issues).

What I use for theme?

I’m using One Dark as UI (User Interface) theme and Syntax theme. I just change theme to One White when I was outside.


Actually, I said. I don’t like too much add-ons that’s why this list not too long.

  • Emmet
  • Autocomplete-emojis
  • File-icons


I was using when I learning HTML and CSS for plugin with WebStorm. It is very handy tool. I think, most people (especially front-end developers) use this plugin. It is simple. For example, you have like this code,

<div class="container">


If you have any experience with XML or HTML, it is very hard. Open it, close it, make sure you close double quotes etc.

When you using Emmet. You don’t need to think about that. Actually, I’m using just one function and this one just auto complete class and id.


For example, wrote like this. Just you need to do press CTRL + e and emmet will auto complete it. That’s it. Easy and handy.


Well, you can think about what is that with title. It is not very important things for me, but you know, it seems beautiful. It just looks to end of the file name (called extension) and provide font-awesome icons. Not big deal.


When I started using Jekyll, I download it because I’m using Jekyll plugin for emojis called Jemoji. It is not important things for me, either because I know important emojis name or markdown names but sometimes I can find interesting emojis.


Atom has dead-simple use, and provides lightweight text-editor, that’s why the text-editor simple and lightweight that I have ever used (Vi :heart:). Simple and powerful and it has very large community also large package system. Maybe you need to know that. Atom is part of the Github projects.

Thank you for reading.

Have a safe coding.