If you have really old computer maybe you don’t want to run JetBrains’ or NetBeans’ products. Because in my experience either PHPStorm or RubyMine can use 500MB RAM just while you are typing (for auto-complete technology). When you open Database/Git/Debug Console/Terminal (maybe) you will see 1GB RAM.

I’ll show you how you can get free web based (cloud) IDE for free also more effectively how can you write.

Why should you use Cloud IDE?

Nowadays, 2018, you have the Internet, right? You can use your Internet with smartphone, television, refrigerator, and soooo on..

So, you can reach anywhere to your Cloud IDE (if you have).

What can Cloud IDE have disadvantages?

Actually, every single XaaS (X as a Service) has disadvantages. How? For example you can just reach the IDE/Server/Client with the Internet. This is basic necessity for cloud infrastructure.

I’ll list disadvantages;

  • You have to have internet access
  • Monthly/Yearly basis payment
  • If you delete something, forget it. Maybe you can restore. (if it has feature)
  • Browser can be slow. Forget Internet Explore for Cloud IDE. Firefox-Chrome
  • Run/Debug system may not working good sometimes (experience with PHP/Symfony)
  • Someone can steal your account (Come on don’t do that.)

What about advantages?

  • Reach from everywhere
  • Set snapshots
  • Work with your team
  • You cannot see 8GB RAM recommended. Just 2 requirements;
    • Good Internet
    • Compatible Browser
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to integrate (To your GitHub, JIRA, AWS…)

What does it alternative in the Earth?

I’ll show you 2 paid SaaS, 1 open source self-hosted IDE.

WARNING: Those are my experience. Please, let it keep your mind. Thank you.

Service as a Service

Cloud 9

I started using Cloud IDE with C9. It was awesome (still awesome). Tools/ Language support perfect. Also, you can have team account there. But, check below

Cloud 9 version 3.0 open source right now. Also, AWS combined with C9 Check for GitHub repo C9.io.

That’s you need to pay small amount money to AWS ($1-2 per month). Actually, I didn’t find free way to use.


Codenvoy offers simple usage for your each workspace (kind of each IDE). You will pay for each workspace RAM usage. For example;

Workspace RAM Usage
NodeJS-Dev-10 1.5GB
Python-TXT-IDE 512MB
ROR-v102 1GB
Total 3GB

Free account can use 3GB RAM at the same time. But, if you want to open another workspace which uses 1MB RAM you cannot. You have to pay. But, you can close ROR-v102 after that you have free 1GB RAM.

When did I use this solution?

I saw C9 sold to AWS, and I google it I found this solution. Actually they are working with Eclipse Che.


It is self-hosted IDE solution. You just need HTTP server (apache or nginx), and PHP 5.3+. That’s it. You can use your RPi (aka. Raspberry Pi) for Cloud-IDE server.

When did I use this project?

2 years ago, I used to type PHP. I downloaded it and used for local cloud-ide. It was simple and more powerful than Notepad++ or Atom. I really recommended this cloud-ide.


Cloud-IDE is awesome thing. You can reach your code at the time also you can collaborate with your team mates. But, I just one disadvantages. You have to have singin details and the Internet.

Have a good coding.