Hello guys,

You know, nowadays developer can prefer note editor or IDE. I prefer IDE for PHP but you can use note editor like atom or sublime.

I’m using JetBrains PHPStorm which most most powerful IDE I ever use. It has a lot feature. This not just PHP IDE. You can write node or SQL also Angular or VueJS. Anyway, I wanna show you one PHPStorm feature. Markdown editor.

PHPStorm has two type Markdown editor (engine) preview;

  • Default (In official document doesn’t show the name)
  • JavaFX

I started using JavaFX and I feel sorry but I didn’t find any changes. Maybe you can say what it is different than default ones.

If you looked/enabled JetBrains markdown editor, you can see really basic stuff. You can see bold text, or italic but not table.

That’s why, I searched and I found one solution.

Add CSS rule to our markdown editor

Let’s start.

Change your preview mode to JavaFX

You can find this setting under the Settings > Language & Frameworks > Markdown

Also you can use CTRL + ALT + S. This is PHPStorm default settings shortcut

After that, you will see this settings.

PHPStorm default preview settings

Enable JavaFX and add your CSS rules

I don’t need to say anything JavaFX, but I will show you how to find CSS rules in online, or I’ll share with you what I am using for my IDE.

GitHub Markdown CSS rules

You can use this link, I used. Thank you sindresorhus

PHPStorm JavaFX enabled, also it is using GitHub CSS rules

Let’s look at

PHPStorm and GitHub markdown CSS rules

Wow, it is too easy. Right. It was to easy and that’s it.


JetBrains’ IDEs are awesome. Those are has a lot feature and we used just one plugin which markdown editor. See you my next blog.