Hello guys,

Today I’m gonna write about little bit command line, little bit a books. Actually, I started today a new book about “introduction to command line, second edition” by Nicholas Marsh. I’m reading 4 section which is topic about Text Editing and Extraction. So, I’d like to share with you, because I liked first 3 sections.

Every single sysadmin must know to use command line. But (big but), nowadays normal people should know to use too, because many people can change their system to maybe Mac OS X or another Linux distributions like most known Ubuntu. For example, you maybe want to download your printer’s driver to your Ubuntu machine, you have to know how I can execute a command in terminal. Also, this is not big deal if you don’t want to earn money with this knowledge. Because in Ubuntu today like a Mac OS X, you can do most stuffs in a graphical interface. Anyway, If you want to learn basic command below the article the table.

I’ll write about another “should know” articles for Web programmer or sysadmins

Command Description
man [COMMAND] If you don’t have idea about a command you can check with this command
ls You can list your files and folders
cd Change Directory
pwd Print Working Directory
find If you want to find a file/folder you can use this raw searcher.
locate This searcher different to find. This has a database, that’s why this search not real-time searcher.

If you want to add this article a command (like wall), let me know. I’ll update the article maybe I can publish to gist.github.com