Hello Guys,

I am gonna write about Ubuntu 16.04 and my experience. This article for my opinion or idea, that is why you don’t need to think like me, but if you have a question feel free to contact with me (I will add Disqus). Anyway, I want to start main concept.

Why Ubuntu?

First, it is very easy to use. You don’t need to know scripting language or C++ or make file system. If you are using already a MS Windows or a Mac computer you can use the OS. It is not complex system (it does not like slackware).

Second, you don’t need to pay setup fee, activation fee, product key, or license, because the OS based on Debian. This means you can use this operating system free, and you can manipulate main files. You can add your comments to Linux kernel, but who needs. /home/berkhan/Projects/local/housing Third, Ubuntu has a big community. Not only community. If you already used Steam OS which is gaming OS, you have experience about Ubuntu, because the OS built with Ubuntu LTS (aka. Long Time Support). You can easy to find original (and free) software or alternative in a minute.

Why I changed OS from Windows to Ubuntu?

I love to use php, python, docker and zsh (Z Shell, and Oh-my-zsh framework) for this reason I didn’t want to use anymore Windows, and I deleted it. In Windows, you can use these programing language or software but you need to forget speed and stability.

ThinkPad 430 - Ubuntu 16.04. Is it good choice?

Actually, I installed first time Ubuntu 16.04 to ThinkPad 430 that’s why I cannot say about this situation, but in (first setup) installation and Driver parts too easy. I didn’t take any error when I install. I just little bit confused in HDD partitioning, and I set like this.

I have been using ST1000LM048 HDD (Seagate Barracuda 1TB 2.5”)

Size Device Type Contents Mount
8.2GB /dev/sda1 SWAP SWAP  
512MB /dev/sda2 LFS EXT2.0 /boot
33GB /dev/sda3 LFS EXT3.0 /tmp
512MB /dev/sda4 EFI SYSTEM FAT32 /boot/efi
958GB /dev/sda5 LFS EXT4.0 /

And I have Intel I5-3320M processor, 8GB RAM. In T430 has 2 types graphic card. One of them laptops’ have Nvidia NVS 5400M and Intel Graphics HD3000, others have only Intel Graphics HD3000. I have just on-board GPU which is Intel Graphics HD3000. But doesn’t matter. It is OK on-board GPU for development client.

My desktop view

I love Ubuntu because has a lot of variation for view or style. You can prefer Mac OS X style or Windows style, but I love mix style. You are going to see what I mean.

My Desktop View

I have been using Flatabulous theme and Ultra-flat icon set when I searched first Linux theme. I think, these two items have a good view. Little bit, Mac OS X style, little bit, Ubuntu style. Also, this theme lightweight. This means, this template cannot use a lot of computer resources (memory, GPU, etc.).


Everybody has a smart phones but not enough for everybody, that’s why they have to use and know computer. People want cheap and easy to use computers, and they can choice Windows/Mac computers. I think, everybody can give a chance for Linux systems. These are not complex system, and every single man/woman can use this OS.