Hi guys,

It’s Berkhan. This is my first blog post at the Hexo. You can check the link if you want simple blog site. This software builds with powerful NodeJS.

So this website about programming, Linux, server-system, in sort of about computer maybe photographing and electronic music. I don’t know.

You can contact with my website (actually you are looking the website) GitHub, and pull request this blog. This website protect with CC BY-SA (Attribution-ShareAlike) which is license.

This license means you can copy my article or content which have to write Licensed with CC BY-SA but than you MUST write my name and article / content URL in your article / post. If you want to help about that just notify me.

So license stuff and what I will write here I think OK..

About Me

I will post another page but I want to say in here who am I.

I am 18 years old and interest programming, photographing, electronic music.

Actually, I have blog about Linux and Linux stuff but I wrote in Turkish.

I love teaching people about my job for example I taught about python in High-School or I presented many presentation about computer whole my generation.

I know Python, PHP, basic bash and love Symfony which is framework, Twig, MySQL, MongoDB which is simple NoSQL solution. And I am using MS Windows computer for college (PFF), but many times I am using RHEL and Ubuntu which are Linux.


Thank you for reading the page which is first post.